Jamila Walker is a social media strategist in Virginia Beach, VA, and host of The Social Media Engage podcast. Raised in Brooklyn, NY, Jamila always had a passion to give back to the community. She enjoys spending countless hours reading about social media strategies for nonprofit organizations and watching webinars or digital marketing plans.

The Social Media Engage, a weekly show produced by Jamila covers the latest social media and marketing resources and tactics to help nonprofit organizations develop their own strategy.

Jamila’s work has been published at Old Dominion University and Hampton Roads State of the Region. She has made appearances at the American Marketing Association in Hampton Roads and speaking to various public relations classes on different college campuses.

Jamila considers Diddy retweeting one of her tweets to be one of her greatest achievements. However, it doesn’t compare to the day she gave birth to her twin daughters who are now seven years old. Jamila can be reached at thesocialmediaengage@gmail.com

The Social Media Engage is published every week on iTunes, YouTube, Stitcher, and BuzzSprout.